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    Seam component references from custom servlet

    Don Mounday Newbie

      I’m using Seam and ICEfaces running on JBoss 4.2.2GA to complete the UI part of an application that has an exisiting HttpServlet that does SOAP processing and updates the database. I’d like to get a reference to a application-scoped Seam Component( specifically the ICEfaces’ RenderManager) so that rerendering requests can be posted to initiate rerendering of the UI screens if necessary.
      I’ve tried various forms of Contexts.getApplicationContext() which returns a null and Component.getInstance() reports “No application context active”.
      The com.icesoft.faces.async.render.RenderManager is started from the components.xml file and the re-rendering functions ok on between UI screens.
      Since Seam doesn’t work with a custom servlet I understand that injection of component references will not work. Is there an explicit method of getting a reference to an application scoped Seam component from a custom servlet?