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    starting a JBPM process based on a var

    asaf sh Expert

      According to the current @CreateProcess annotation, it is impossible to set an EL expression for the 'definition' part,

      I would like to start a process without specifying a static name. since it cannot be done with @CreateProcess I would like to do by using JBPM's apis,

      I would go for something like:

        @In private JbpmContext jbpmContext;
        public void myFunc() {
           ProcessInstance process = jbpmContext.newProcessInstanceForUpdate(dynamicName);          

      But according to Seam's code, I see that it is also required to associate the created process in the current active conversation (according to org.jboss.seam.bpm.BusinessProcess class)

      How(/why) important it is? and if it is important, how do I associate the process to the current conversation by my component?