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    How to display more messages for id

    tomas kral Newbie


      I am trying to display several messages for a control:

      FacesMessages.instance().addToControlFromResourceBundle("idTest", "hello 1");
      FacesMessages.instance().addToControlFromResourceBundle("idTest", "hello 2");
      FacesMessages.instance().addToControlFromResourceBundle("idTest", "hello 3");


      <s:div id="idTest">
        <h:message for="idTest""/>

      displays only the very first message:

      hello 1

      So the question is how to display several messages to a control?

      (using sam 1.2.1)

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          Stephen Friedrich Novice

          Interesting one. Both the Sun RI message tag and Trinidad's message tag display only the first message.

          That seems not be standards compliant. JSF spec:

          4.1.7 UIMessage (extends UIComponentBase) encapsulates the rendering of error message(s)
          related to a specified input component.
          "for" attribute: Identifier of the component for which to render error

          You probably have to check for any existing message yourself and append new text :-(

          Maybe you should discuss that on sun's JSF forum?!

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            tomas kral Newbie

            I have a workaround:

              public List<String> getFacesMessages(String id) {
                Iterator<FacesMessage> iter = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance()
                List<String> result = new ArrayList<String>();
                while (iter.hasNext()) {
                  FacesMessage msg = iter.next();
                return result;