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    conversations and destroy

    Zolt Egete Newbie

      I have a problem destroying nested conversations and then get the ID of the other active conversation parent ID.
      Here is the code I use:

      public void killAllConversations() {
                ConversationEntries conversationEntries = ConversationEntries.instance();
                Set<ConversationEntry> conversationsSet = new TreeSet<ConversationEntry>();
                Iterator<ConversationEntry> conversationsIterator = conversationsSet.iterator();
                Manager manager = Manager.instance();
                while(conversationsIterator.hasNext()) {
                     ConversationEntry theConversation = conversationsIterator.next();
                     StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
                     sb.append("\nCURRENT CONVERSATION ID FROM MANAGER = "+manager.getCurrentConversationId()+"\n");
                     sb.append("Destroying conversation with ID= "+theConversation.getId());
                     sb.append("\n--------------------------------------------------\nType= ");
                     sb.append(((theConversation.isNested()) ? "NESTED" : "NOT NESTED")+ "\n");
                     sb.append("Parent ID= "+manager.getParentConversationId() + "\n");
                     sb.append("ROOT conversation ID= "+manager.getRootConversationId() + "\n");

      When I start a new conversation with @Begin and then start two nested conversations the I get the following situation (let us persume the starting long running conversation has the ID=2 , the first nested ID=3 and the second nested ID=4)

      for the first conversation (ID=2) I get parent ID=2, which is correct

      for the second conversation (ID=3) I get parent ID=3, which is incorrect

      for the third conversation (ID=4) I get parent ID=3, which is correct

      It seams like after the destroy the last nested conversation is still active.

      Am I doing something wrong here ?