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    Custom Servlet using Seam Example

    Ivan Turkovic Newbie


      I am relatively new to Seam community and i am developing one portal together with Seam. I am currently stuck in middle, i would like to use Seam together with my custom servlet which extends HttpServlet.
      I don't have a clue how to connect Seam entities to work with my custom servlet.
      Now i have entity Itemcategory in Seam and works well with JSF showing data, but when i try to create Itemcategory object in my custom servlet i get this message
      No application context active.

      So i searched for help through net, and found that i need to use some kind of context from Seam.
      So i am now asking for some useful working example of how to implement Seam functionality into my custom servlet.

      I thank you for your help in advance