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    XML Parsing Error on Print Preview page


      Hi All,

      Our project uses JBoss 4.2EAP + Seam 2.0.1GA and has a number of reports that have associated print preview pages. With some data, we're seeing wierd XML Parsing Error: not well-formed errors, but only on the Print Preview page.

      Our Reports and print-preview pages use the same XHTML page to render the content (which comes from the database), but different containing XHTML pages - in the case of the print preview page, this simply excludes menus and footers.

      Initially when we saw these errors, we puzzled over the fact that they showed on the print-preview version only, but corrected the offending html elements in the data to make them go away.  However, we're not sure how to fix the latest error that's being reported.  It's a link whose href containes two equals characters (eg www.myapp.com.au/report-pp.xhtml?aa=bb&cc=dd) and the parser is barfing on the second equals character.  We've tried url-escaping both equals symbols, but the problem remains.  If we remove the second part of the link (ie &cc=dd from the example above), the problem also goes away.

      We've looked carefully at the headers of all the XHTML files involved and can see no difference between the ones used to render the normal report page and the ones used to render the print preview.

      Has anyone else seen this kind of problem before?  Any clues about where to look to work out what's causing the problem?


      Rob Hills
      Waikiki, Western Australia