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    Factory issue

    Mark Nijssen Newbie

      When I try to create an object Material with a OneToMany link to an object B, this link is created through a factory function:

              private Material material;
              public void createMaterial()

      This function works fine, according to the log information I receive. However, the browser does not show the information of the link.
      It seems that OneToMany relationships are not displayed, unless I add the following line to the top of my xhtml code:

             <c:if test="${!empty material}" />

      Does anybody now why this is?

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          Stephen Friedrich Novice

          Take a step back, rtm and have a look at the examples.
          Describe what you want to do. Do not describe the particular problem you have with an ill-conceived solution.

          Give more context, e.g. browser does not show the information of the link - where is the xhtml (jsp?) that should make the browser show something?

          @Factory is not intended to be used together with @Out.

          Why don't you just create B in the Material constructor?

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