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    JBoss Tools TestNG-SeamTest problem

    Matt Davis Newbie

      The new seam project feature for the Jboss Tools eclipse plugin generates a project called projname-test

      I guess this uses TestNG, and I'm just getting around to trying to make it work.  Does this feature actually require an internet connection to work? I get an UnknownHostException: www.jboss.org  when I try to run it, as well as

      ERROR [org.jboss.kernel.plugins.dependency.AbstractKernelController] Error installing to Parse: name=vfsfile:/Users/turin/work/remote/jboss/public/jboss-seam/examples/wiki/build/testclasses/ state=Not Installed mode=Manual requiredState=Parse 

      Should the test that is generated work as deployed?
      Does it actually require an internet connection? I found this:


      Where someone is griping about it not working when www.jboss.org is down... which worries me.

      Sadly, I have no internet bugs tend to have very little documentation, because who the heck develops without the internet?