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    How to send exceptions through email

    Bogdan Minciu Newbie

      Hello guys,

      I am using Seam Mail (and I am loving it), and I was wondering if there is any way to send the exceptions that a Seam application generates through the email.

      I was more interested in sending the whole content of the generated debug.xhtml page, because I have there all the information about the state of my beans, that I need to investigate (and hopefully solve) the exception.

      Thank you in advance,


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          Daniel Roth Apprentice

          Just some copy-paste I use during devel:


            <end-conversation />
            <redirect view-id="/error.xhtml">
          <page view-id="/error.xhtml" login-required="false">
             <action execute="#{error.sendMail}" />

          public class ErrorAction implements Serializable {
              @In(value = "org.jboss.seam.handledException")
              private Exception e;
              private MailService mailService;
              public void sendMail() {
                  mailService.sendErrorMail(e, "exception");

          Mailservice thingy

              public void sendErrorMail(Throwable throwable, String message) {
                  StringBuffer err = new StringBuffer();
                  if (throwable != null) {
                      for (StackTraceElement elem : throwable.getStackTrace()) {
                  Contexts.getEventContext().set("subject", message);
                  Contexts.getEventContext().set("body", err.toString());
                  Contexts.getEventContext().set("to", developer);

          It just prints the stack in a way I like to see it. I guess you you just do something like

          StringWriter content = new StringWriter();
          throwable.printStackTrace(new PrintWriter(content));
          String body = content.getBuffer().toString();

          to get the ordinary stacktrace.

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            Tom Goring Apprentice

            You can set Log4J to send exceptions to an email address... but this is generic (i.e. it won't do the debug.xhtml stuff)

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              Bogdan Minciu Newbie

              Thank you for the reply Daniel. This is good starting point for what I need.

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                Indu Sukumar Newbie


                    Currently i am in need to send an email notification on complete of some event in my application, can you help me with the steps to configure for it in Seam.

                Thanks in advance...


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                  daniele campanini Newbie

                  Hi daniel,
                  i am a newbie with seam, i dont have sendErrorMail method on class MailService!
                  What's wrong?

                  thankyou in advance