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    Login form integration

    Matthias Goetz Newbie

      Hello Seam Users,

      i'd like to integrate my seam project login form into a cms managed web site. Spent some time with searching for a solution perhaps one of you can help me with this idea.
      The application and website are available on the same servername and port. (SSL secured hostname, with modjk for jboss integration)

      My suggestions:

      - Pass the login informations of a standard form to the seam authenticator or the seam login form with processing. Is this possible? After successful login the application can be launched in the same window, a logout returns to the normal web site. This would be the best solution but i can't imagine how this is to be realized.

      - Use an iframe with the seam login form. After successful login a new window should be opened to display the application. Is this possible to configure? The application in a small iframe is not possible ;-)

      Any experiences?

      Thanks in advance,