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    Redirect on http request based on the url

    Canon Fire Newbie

      When a visitor goes to
      I would like to redirect him to:
      Notice the typo in the first url, radip instead of radio.

      So I would like to redirect on HTTP requests where the requested URL has some special condition (in this case a typo). A special function must be executed to check whether the url mets a specific condition, and must then perform a http redirect before the page is loaded. (So I'm not talking about redirect-on-form-post, but about redirect-on-http-request.)

      This would be easy in plain Servlets. Then I would make a db lookup for the product id 123. If that id is mapped to radio instead of the given name in the url (radip) it would then send a http redirect to the client. But how can I do this using Seam with Facelets and JSF?