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    Seam Support for Grid Technologies?

    Ben Swenka Newbie


      I'm looking at our company's technology strategy and I'm curious if anybody has used Seam with GridGain or GigaSpaces/OpenSpaces, or if this is even possible?

      I love what I've seen with Seam so far - our team's productivity with Seam has been excellent.

      If Seam can be grid-enabled then it would help alleviate some of the data tier scalability concerns I have.

      Thank you.

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          Slava Imeshev Newbie

          Hi Ben,

          What kind of grid integration in Seam are you looking for? I am asking because currently we are running an early access program for Cacheonix, so this maybe a good time to ask for a feature (and get it :)


          Slava Imeshev

          Cacheonix - Data Grid For Java

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            Ben Swenka Newbie

            Hello Slava, Thanks for your response.

            I'm looking for intelligent integration of Seam with the grid space. For example, GigaSpaces uses JavaSpaces for it's core component model, while Seam has it's own component model. I'd like Seam's component model and JPA provider/implementation to intelligently work with an application grid and data grid, and any associated grid component models.

            Maybe I can ask the question a different way - to your knowledge, does Seam integrate nicely with your product? I apologize, I'm not very familiar with Cacheonix - could we swap the JPA/Hibernate provider in Seam with a data grid version from Cacheonix?

            We're building our app using Seam and JPA for persistence. (backed by Hibernate and MySQL)
            We are a startup and initially will have relatively low usage volumes. We are planning to deploy to Amazon's EC2 and I want to be have dynamic scalability for our entire application stack, so we can handle large usage spikes when necessary.

            We are very happy with Seam's productivity and I just want to make sure our app can scale all the way down to the data tier when we need it. Data grid solutions seem like a good solution, though I must confess I'm not (yet) a data grid expert.

            I would be happy to participate/help test this with your product. Please let me know if you have any other questions for me?

            Best Regards,

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              Slava Imeshev Newbie


              There is no need to swap JPA/Hibernate provider in Seam - you have already made a right choice. What's great about Seam is that you can data grid-enable your Seam-based application just by changing a couple of configuration files.

              Cacheonix integrates with Hibernate by supplying a second-level cache provider for Hibernate. All is needed to add data grid to your application is to set Hibernate's cache provider to cacheonix.plugin.hibernate.v32.CacheonixCache.

              You can find more information here: http://wiki.cacheonix.com/display/CCHNX20/Integrating+With+Hibernate

              Slava Imeshev

              Cacheonix - Data Grid For Java

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                Ben Swenka Newbie

                Thanks Slava, this sounds very interesting. I appreciate the information.