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    Use of same variable fails in second parameter

    Arthur Marinis Newbie

      This has had me for a couple days. I have searched the forums and could not find a similar issue.

      basically, when I use 2 s:links with the same param, the second param result in the query string is always empty.


      <s:link view="/#{empty from ? 'timesheetWeek' : from}.xhtml" 
                            id="week" rendered="#{not week.closed}">
                      <f:param name="weekid" value="#{week.weekId}"/>            
                 <s:link value="Print" view="/#{empty from ? 'timesheet/timesheet' : from}.xhtml">
                                      <f:param name="weekid" value="#{week.weekId}"/>

      The first link looks like this

      the second link looks like