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    Embedded JBoss in WebSphere 6.1

    nsshah_jboss Newbie

      I am an architect at a large company. Our company is committed to using WebSphere as it's application server. This is for many reasons most of which are political. I would like to introduce Embedded JBoss to allow our developers access to EJB3, JavaEE, JBoss Seam, etc... IBM is far behind when it comes to providing a JavaEE container and we are probably 2 years away from upgrading our WebSphere 6.1 environment.

      I have significant influence and trust with the technical leadership here and I would like to get Embedded JBoss working in WebSphere 6.1 I am willing to put in the time and energy to develop the solution. However, I need some guidance from your team to get started.

      Please let me know how I should begin. I have checked out the code from jbossas/trunk and I have been playing around with the code for a couple of weeks. However, I don't even seem to be able to get the unit tests for the standalone to work yet.

      Please advise.