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    Possible bug in Seam Security?

    Brenton Partridge Newbie

      Hi all,

      Sorry if this might belong in the mailing list instead of the forums.  I've come across a problem regarding account creation permissions.  Theoretically, AFAIK, there should be two ways of telling Seam that the admin role should be allowed to create new accounts - rule-based or persistence-based.  For the latter, which I prefer, I assume there would be a database row where (recipient\='admin', target\='seam.account', action\='create', discriminator\='role').  But I'm seeing a NullPointerException because there isn't an IdentifierStrategy that can resolve a String's identifier as, well, the String itself.  So IdentifierPolicy throws a NullPointerException when given a String as a target by JpaPermissionStore.  Now, I could just learn Drools and work around it, but this should IMHO be an option for users.  I would be willing to submit a patch.


      Brenton Partridge