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    Saving SEAM PDF as a file on the server?

    Jason Kemp Newbie

      Good Afternoon, All:

      I am looking for code examples that will allow me to use SEAM to generate PDF files that I can save to the server instead of rendering to a web browser.

      In brief, when the user has completed a process of entering data on the website, I would like to generate a PDF that I can store on the file server. (This PDF will eventually be printed and stuffed in an envelope along with appropriate pamphlets and other data, to be snail mailed to the user in response to their online request.)

      It appears that the ability to generate PDF files in SEAM that can be saved to a server instead of being sent to a browser is a future enhancement for SEAM. In the meantime, I need a solution more immediately.

      Has there been any code developed that can handle this type of request until this is added as a new feature in a future release of SEAM?

      If no code exists, if anyone has any suggestions that I could pursue in developing my own code to meet this need, please feel free to offer your advice here.

      With Regards,
      Jason Flynn Kemp