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    Back Button Working Just Fine in JPDL Pageflow

    Neil C Novice

      I have defined a relatively simple order process using a JPDL pageflow definition.  I have found though that the back button functions just fine when it is in fact supposed to be disabled. 

      Here is how I start the flow:

      <input type="button" jsfc="s:button" styleClass="submitButton" id="orderButton"
                      value="Place Order" pageflow="orderPageflow" propagation="begin"/>

      Then here are the first two pages defined in the flow:

      <start-page view-id="/sales/beginOrder.jspx" name="beginOrder">
            <transition name="shop" to="shop">
               <action expression="shop"/>
      <page view-id="/sales/shop.jspx" name="shop">

      Yet I can back button from shop to beginOrder with no problem.  The same is true for the rest of the flow.

      Any insight into how I can disable the back button is much appreciated.