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    Some (But Not All) Page Transitions in JPDL Not Working

    Neil C Novice

      Well, the title pretty much says it all.  For my order pageflow, some transitions work while others don't. 

      Here is an example of one that doesn't.

      The facelet:

      <a jsfc="h:commandLink" value="Advanced Search" action="#{searchAction.setPlacingOrder(true)}"

      The pageflow definition:

      <page view-id="/sales/shop.jspx" name="shop">
            <transition name="search" to="advancedSearch">
               <action expression="#{searchAction.setPlacingOrder(true)}"/>
      <page view-id="/search.jspx" name="advancedSearch">

      Finally, the code for the searchAction component:

      public void setPlacingOrder(boolean placingOrder) {
            this.placingOrder = placingOrder;

      Any insight into why the transition isn't working is appreciated.