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    Unable To Get To Last Page From Ajax Page In JPDL Pageflow

    Neil C Novice

      I am moving along reasonably well with my pageflow, but for some reason I am unable to get to the confirm page of my order.

      Here is the call in the facelet called paymentOptions.jspx:

      <input type="button" jsfc="h:commandButton" id="confirmButton"
                value="#{orderAction.confirming ? 'Back to Confirmation' : 'Confirm'}"

      Here is the relevant portion of the pageflow definition:

      <page view-id="/sales/paymentOptions.jspx" name="payment">
            <transition name="confirm" to="confirm">
               <action expression="#{orderAction.generateConfirmationNumber}"/>
      <page view-id="/sales/confirm.jspx" name="confirm">

      It looks good to me, but for some reason when I press confirmButton in paymentOptions.jspx, I simply come right back to paymentOptions.jspx.

      Incidentally, this is also the only page in the flow that has Ajax rerendering (using RichFaces) going on.  The Ajax in this page isn't working.  Whether this is its own issue or somehow related to the page transition is a question I leave to you.

      Thanks for any insight.