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    Seam-Gen - Freemarker HibernateTools?

    Israel Fonseca Apprentice

      I was looking at the .ftl files in the seam-gen/view folder to figure out how the seam-gen makes the things happen when I use the seam generete-ui command. I know that the Freemaker is the guy who extract the final file from the .ftl, and i know too(or i think that i know) that the hibernate-tools start this process with the hbmtemplate tag.

      Anyway, my question is:

      I'm wondering about some variables in these .ftl files like the c2h and the pojo. I understand what they are doing there but, i don't understand where did they come from. I would like to know what methods they have, and where they come from. Is there any kind of documentation to help me with that?


      (Sorry for my bad English, i'm just a Brazilian student of Computer Science, i'm working to upgrade my english. xD)