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    Expensive lazy load case

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      our team is having some perfomance issues related lazy loading on class properties.

      when we query for an object to entity manager, (searching a client for example) we need to Hibernate.initialize() a class property, that is a class too.

      therefore, the last class have more properties that must be initialized!!

      so make a simple search is chaining a tree of properties to initialize.

      what should you do in a case like this one?

      Thanks for reading.

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          SD Plox Newbie

          day along, we found a good option.

          is not tested yet, but we think that change this code lines:

          merchants = em.createQuery("select m from Merchant m where lower(m.merchantGeneralCompanyName) like :merchSearchPattern or lower(m.merchantComertialCompanyName) like :merchSearchPattern")
          ).setParameter("merchSearchPattern", getSearchPattern())
                            .setFirstResult( page * pageSize )

          for something more specific in the first line can works, something like:

          merchants = em.createQuery("select m.generalCompanyName from Merchant m where lower

          for example.

          what do you think?