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    selectManyCheckbox getting the selected values

    Mounir Bakkali Newbie

      I have the following issue:

      Each user has roles.
      I want the admnistrator to be able to set the roles
      for everyone.

      I have a UserAdminAction that contains:

      public class UserAdminAction implements UserAdmin {
      List<String> availableRoles;
      List<String> selectedRoles;

      On the JSF, I have the following:

      <h:selectManyCheckbox value="#{userAdmin.selectedRoles}" style="border-top: 0px" >
      <s:selectItems value="#{userAdmin.availableRoles}" var="r" itemValue="#{r}" label="#{r}" />

      The getSelectedRoles() method returns a List with the
      roles that the user has already... this works fine
      and the roles that the user already has are checked.

      The problem is when I add new roles (i.e. I select them),
      then the selectedRoles is not updated.

      As you have noticed the List is a list of String.
      Do I still need a converter?

      Any idea?