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    Seam Jobs

    System Administrator Expert

      So I'm wondering if there would be any value in adding a section to this website where companies can post Seam related job openings.

      I did a search on dice.com limited to california and keyword 'seam' and got 27 hits.

      I guess most people will say just post your resume on dice and monster but I've done that already.

      It seems that there are not a tremendous amount of job openings available for Seam devs yet.  And I don't want to get stuck in xml hell with Spring and older technologies like JSP and multitudes of old-school design patterns, etc.

      any suggestions??

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          Nicklas Karlsson Master

          Make your own seam job.

          Look for organization that hire for a new project and are flexible enough to consider new technologies. Then make a seam-proof-of-concept-demo. Beware of expectation management, though ;-)

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            Jason Long Novice

            I have been lucky enough to not have anyone dictate the technology used so I get to use Seam for my project.

            In fact I own the application and I am being paid to develop it as well.

            It is always better if you can avoid directly working for the man in my opinion.

            Once you are someone else's employee you are somewhat trapped.

            All I ever get is the occasional question if whether I should have gone M$ or will this talk to Great Plains.

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              Nicklas Karlsson Master

              Honey, I quit my job today so I can start my own company and work with whatever technologies I want. Honey? Put down that frying pan, please!

              Of course running a one-person business has the downside of that same one person having to do paperwork, invoicing, marketing etc...

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                Jason Long Novice

                No wife complaining as I have more work than I can do and charge by the hour. ;)

                I am just lucky.  I landed a big project and have held on to it like a pit bull for the last few years.

                When it is done, I am going to take a long vacation.

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                  Patrick Unrein Newbie

                  Hi Arbi -

                  There are indeed Seams jobs available in Southern CA. 

                  From Dice:

                  This is a 12 month contract opportunity (could be extended) inCulver City, CA. We are seeking a senior JBOSS Seam developer to work for a large entertainment client. Experience with the Flex tool is also desirable, but not absolutely required. Our client is moving off of Weblogic, so Weblogic is also a nice to have. The start date is forecasted for August 1st. We are seeking a top-notch developer with the JBoss Seam product.

                  Feel free to contact me:

                  Patrick Unrein

                  Professional Staff Recruiter

                  iSpace, Inc.


                  (310) 563-3800 ext. 248 (Mondays)

                  (949) 726-8377 (Tuesday through Friday)

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                    Alexandr Areshchanka Newbie

                    Is anybody looking for Seam/Richfaces experts in New York?