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    Using Mylyn, Trac and Subersion for Seam dev in Eclipse

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      I picked up the Java Power Tools book (highly recommended) and learned about Mylyn and open-source issue management tools like Bugzilla and Trac.  After reading these sections of the book, now I understand why my team's developer productivity is relatively low (we just started using Sharepoint to manage/track issues).  I think that from a SDLC and project management perspective, our dev team has much to gain from using these tools.

      So I started to install/configure my Vista PC to start using Mylyn and Trac with Subversion for Seam dev in EclipseIDE.  Got some exposure to Python since Trac is written in Python and must be installed.

      Made some progress until I found out version 0.11rc1 is not supported by the Trac task repository connector that I currently have installed in Eclipse 3.3.0.  I can only create a task repository with version 0.9 or 0.10 of Trac.

      According to the book, Trac is recommended for small, agile teams using Subversion whereas Bugzilla will support very large projects and user bases.  On the downside, Bugzilla is particularly complicated to install and maintain.

      I did not find any posts related to Mylyn or Trac in this forum or the old JBoss Seam forum.

      Is anyone else using these tools or similar?  If yes, which ones are you using, why, and what are some advice?

      For those who are interested, here is a link to Mik Kersten's webinar on Mylyn 2.2.