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    Seam security s:hasRole in UI

    Guillaume Jeudy Master


      I use Seam 2.0.1GA and I found out an incorrect tip in the Seam security chapter: UI security.

      I tried using:

      <h:commandButton value="Create Rel Pkg" rendered="#{s.hasRole('USER')}"
                               action="#{packageAdminAction.startCreateReleasePackage}" />

      but it always evaluated to false. So I changed it to:

      <<h:commandButton value="Create Rel Pkg" rendered="#{identity.hasRole('USER')}"
                               action="#{packageAdminAction.startCreateReleasePackage}" />

      and now it works.

      Can someone please confirm this is a bug? The s.hasRole expression is properly processed in @Restrict annotation on component security.

      I suggest that the UI usage be made consistent with component security @Restrict usage.