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    Share session between multiple clients(browsers)

    Erik Magnusson Newbie

      I'm not sure this has anything specifically to do with Seam, but I'm hoping there might be a neat way of accomplishing this with Seam.

      What I'm interested in doing is sharing session-scoped information between multiple clients/browsers logged in as the same user.

      An example of what I would like to accomplish:

      - User A logs in using Firefox.
      - User A executes an order in the system, which is stored in a session scoped bean.
      - User A opens Internet Explorer and (once again) logs in to the system (since IE has no idea that there is a valid session in Firefox).
      - User A lists his current orders in IE, and should see the order he just executed using Firefox.
      - User A cancels the order in IE.
      - User A switches back to Firefox, lists his orders, and the order should be cancelled.

      Is there any way of accomplishing this without persisting the order information immediately?