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      Has anyone got identity.logout feature working ? Here's how i'm trying to use it:

      <s:link view="/goodbye.xhtml" rendered="#{identity.loggedIn}" action="#{identity.logout}" value="Logout" propagation="none" />

      This doesnt seem to log me out and also rerenders the current page. It doesn't send me to goodbye.xhtml.

      If I leave action out, the page goodbye.xhtml is rendered as expected but i'm not getting logged out obviously.

      I have a peculiar setup when I trigger authentication by redirecting all non logged in requests to ssoauth.xml which will trigger ssoAuthenticator login routine.

      <pages login-view-id="/ssoauth.xhtml">
      <page view-id="/ssoauth.xhtml" action="#{ssoAuthenticator.checkLogin}" login-required="false">
              <navigation from-action="#{ssoAuthenticator.checkLogin}">
                      <rule if-outcome="true">
                                      <redirect view-id="/showpackages.xhtml"></redirect>
          <page view-id="/goodbye.xhtml" login-required="false" />
              <page view-id="/*" login-required="true"/>

      components.xml security integration:

      <security:identity jaas-config-name="RDMRealm" />

      More details about my security integration can be found here (in the comments section):


      Any ideas of what I could be doing wrong here? Are there specific pre-requisites needed to call identity.logout?