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    Maven and the -all.jars

    Marco Huber Newbie

      Hi all,

      we are starting to run the embedded JBoss for our tests. Our project is a maven2 project, so we can use the artifact from the JBoss repository to add the dependencies from the embedded libraries.

      So far so good.
      The problem of using the embedded JBoss effiently are the all-jars. Because they contains all neccessary classes to run the embedded JBoss you running easily into duplicated classes problems, if you have other dependencies which contains the original implementations, which you need for the deployment of your application in an productive environment.

      Are there any plans to split the -all.jar into their corresponding jar-dependencies and only refer to them in the -all.poms? It would make it much easier to work with the emebbed in JBoss in a maven project.