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    Seam Ear Project

    Carey Foushee Newbie

      Here's what I want to achieve and am looking for any recommendations and/or examples to help me get started.

      I have some existing java based code that clients connect to and their data is stored to a mysql database via jdbc calls.  I've been calling this the core code.

      I used the seam-gen to create the web interface to view and send messages back to the clients.  The view of the data is working nicely, and I have the core referenced as a project in eclipse to reuse the already existing communication layer it has. 

      The problem is I really want to do more than just use the core as an API I need to communicate with the running instance of the core code, because that is where the clients are connected.  I'm sure I could probably use RMI or JMS to do this, this is what I would do if working in a regular standalone environment, but my guess is there is a better J2EE way to do this.  I have read a little bit about EJB3 and feel this maybe want I want to do but am unsure how to approach this.  I'm assuming that this approach would have me run my core code as an EJB and then do a context lookup on it within the web interface code (seam project) to communicate directly with the core code that the clients are connected to.

      If this is correct, how would one go about setting this up using the Seam New Project Wizard?  I have the JBoss Developer Studio 1.0 and have the latest JBoss Tools and am using Seam 2.0.1GA.

      I have selected the deploy as EAR but am too familiar with the various projects that are created and haven't found any documentation on what the wizard creates or an example of how to use, if someone could just point me to that I'd appreciate.

      Or if you could suggest a better design decision I'm all ears.