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    Unclear ItemValidator example in reference (31.2)

    Richard Richter Newbie

      In section 31.2 of Seam reference (I've got 2.1 version) there is an example which is not very clear.

      public class ItemValidator implements Validator {
      public void validate(FacesContext context, UIComponent cmp, Object value)
      throws ValidatorException {
      ItemController ItemController = (ItemController) Component.getInstance("itemController");
      return itemController.validate(value);

      First thing is that if you accept one import for Validator, the other usage of that type is broken - there are both Hibernate Validator annotation and JSF Validator interface used. Other thing is that there is return of something for void method.

      After I figured out Validator type mismatch (that wasn't that difficult after all) I really wasn't sure how this Validator should be used. How it says that the thing is invalid?