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    Trouble with FacesMessages

    Richard Richter Newbie


      I have a registration form with action method that goes like this (if all validation passes):

              public String register(User user) throws NoSuchAlgorithmException {
                      if (!checkLoginAvailable(user)) {
                                      new FacesMessage("This login is already taken, try another one."));
      //                      facesMessages.addToControl("register:loginDecorate:login",
      //                              "This login is already taken, try another one.");
                              return "fail";
              return "ok";

      Pages.xml has render after fail outcome. Registration form is rerendered - this all works fine. Originally I wanted to use line that's commented out - the trouble is that no message appeared. Using FacesContext... line all works out. I debugged the code and found out that my messages are stuck in tasks field at that moment. I've tried afterPhase static method (out of desperation ;-)) but still no result.

      What is the real difference between those two approaches? I know that FacesMessages support messages over redirect, etc, etc... but how can I use them for this simple task?

      Thank you