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    DocumentException "org.jboss" when not connected to internet

    jean claude Newbie


      Using JBOSS 4.2.2 and Seam 2.0.2 SP1, I get the following exception when I invoke the login.xhtml page of my web Application:

      IllegalStateException Caused by java.lang.RuntimeException with message: org.dom4j.DocumentException: jboss.com Nested exception: jboss.com

      It occurs only if I'm not connected to Internet. I think it is related in this jira thread:


      But, do you think I could find a workround to solve this issue  enabling me not having to wait for seam 2.1.0 ?

      Thank you very much, Any idea is welcomed ...


      Ps: So boring not being able to test my app when not connected to internet ...