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    Re-architecture of Cocoon project to Seam

    beyarecords Novice

      I currently have a cocoon based project running under Jboss 4.0.3 utilising Hibernate 3,

      .har package with *.class & *.hbm.xml files

      , via JNDI.

      From the little I have read of the Seam framework thus far I understand tha Seam does away with the need for JNDI, correct? With that in mind together with the fact that I wish to migrate to the Jboss 5 platform, I would like to know:

      1. Is Seam/Flex supported under Jboss 5?
      2. Is it possible to rerverse engineer compliant Seam classes from my existing hibernate hbm.xml maps? If so, how?
      3. Can a Seam projects be built using Maven 2?
      4. How does Seam handle MVC?

      I have spent the last few days investigating Spring and would like to know what advantages Seam has over Spring?

      Many thanks in advance.