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    Maven Seam archetype

    marx3 Apprentice

      Is there any work to implement some functionality of seamgen in form of Maven archetype?
      Now it's rather hard to convert existing Seam project to use Maven instead of Ant.
      And it's rather frustrating to make new project with seamgen, and then need to convert it manually to mavenize it, then convert again to make it working in Eclipse and after all this effort jBoss Tools plugin doesn't recognize project structure and much of it's strength is lost...

      I would like to know, which software environment is suggested by Seam team to to develop applications? And how we should start a project?

      I imagine it could be Eclipse plus jBossTools on top of Maven, but now we have those GUI in jBoss Tools to start mutiple Eclipse projects, ant buildfile from seamgen, and a few articles how to mavenize Seam app without any single working example....

      Ps. Why i can't use 'plus' sign in message body...?