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    Why are s:hasRole and hasPermission not in taglib

    Stephen Friedrich Novice

      Why doesn't Seam use the standard way of defining EL functions (the jsp resp. facelets tag descriptors)?

      My IDE is showing a warning wherever s:hasRole is used.
      I tried to research this a little and it seems that Seam uses a custom function mapper that has these functions hardcoded (even hardcoded to the s: prefix).

      (See SeamFunctionMapper: by decorating a delegate Unified EL FunctionMapper.)

      Can this be changed, so that the standard is used?
      That would allow IDE's to validate the functions and would get rid of that hardcoded s: prefix.

      If there's a good reason to use that custom function mapper then maybe at least additionally define the functions in the tag descriptor files? That should do no harm, right?