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    SEAM with hierarchical data

    Jeremy Fox Newbie


      I have a recursive table in my current pet project.  I understand that seam gen doesn't understand recursion out of the box, so I am trying to find the best way to finish the functionality in my app.

      Basically, creating an entity works great, as does removing, etc.  The problem is that the button that seam gen gave me to add a child record simply takes me to my edit page for the current entity that I am trying to add a child record under.

      Should I create a different facelet to add child records?  Will I need a new EntityHome in order to accommodate it?

      I would really appreciate some thoughts as to how this could best be handled.  I've seen a few other people out there have run into this issue before, but there isn't a great deal of good information about the best way to implement this.

      Thanks for any guidance,