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    Starting a Business Process

    Neil C Novice

      Along with my transaction question found elsewhere on this forum, I am having issues beginning a business process.  Basically, I have a Seam button on one page that takes the user to another page, which is the first page in a pageflow.  However, I also have a process definition as well so that the state can be persisted. 

      Here is the button that takes the user to that first page:

      <input type="button" jsfc="s:button" styleClass="submitButton" id="beginOrderButton"
                      value="Place Order" pageflow="orderPageflow" propagation="begin"

      Here is the entry for that page in pages.xml:

      <page view-id="/sales/beginOrder.jspx">
            <create-process definition="orderProcess"/>
            <begin-task />
            <begin-conversation join="true" pageflow="orderPageflow"/>

      Here is the relevant entry in my pageflow definition:

      <start-page view-id="/sales/beginOrder.jspx" name="beginOrder">
            <description>Begin Order</description>
            <transition name="shop" to="shop"/>
            <transition name="backToConfirmation" to="confirm"/>

      Finally, here is the process-definition snippet:

      <start-state name="start">
            <transition to="beginOrder"/>
      <task-node name="beginOrder">
            <task name="beginOrder" description="Begin Order">
               <assignment actor-id="sales"/>
            <transition name="shop" to="shop"/>
            <transition name="backToConfirmation" to="confirm"/>

      As for the problem specifically, the button that should take me to the shop node doesn't.  It brings me back to the current page.  When I mouse over that button, I see the current page, rather than the shop page, in the browser status bar. 

      Also, the Seam debug page shows me this: BusinessProcess(processId=49,taskId=0)

      There is no taskId, and clearly the pageflow and process flow aren't happening.  Any insight into this is appreciated.