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    Performance: Unrelated page parameters call unrelated component

    Francisco Jose Peredo Noguez Master


      Something strange is happening (with Seam 2.0.1.GA) and *.page.xml parameters, if for example, you have a SomeEntityList.page.xml with this:

      <param name="someParameter" value="#{otherEntityHome.otherId}"/>

      and then, instead of visiting SomeEntityList.seam, you visit AThirdUnrelatedEntityList.seam... then getOtherId() in OtherEntityHome get called...

      It seems that any <param> on any SomeEntityList.page.xml gets called automatically... always... it doesn't matter if I am visiting AThirdUnrelatedEntityList.seam or the corresponding SomeEntityList.seam

      Is this the expected behavior? is this perhaps fixed in 2.0.2?