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    Problem in JavaBeans as a backing bean?

    Ziphyre Marco Newbie


      The following code give me an empty table, while removing the @Name annotation and placing managed-bean lines in faces-config.xml does the work. From what I have read in the Seam doc, JavaBeans can be used as backing beans. So I obviously getting something wrong.


      <h:dataTable value="#{plannerEvents.eventList}" var="event">
                      <h:outputText value="#{event.name}"/>


      import java.util.List;
      public class PlannerEventsBean {
         private List<Integer> eventList;
         public PlannerEventsBean() {
            eventList = new ArrayList<Integer>();
         public List<Event> getEventList() {
            return eventList;
         public void setEventList(List<Event> eventList) {
            this.eventList = eventList;

      If I remove the @Name annotation and add managed-bean definition to faces-config.xml, it works...