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    Help needed with selectOneMenu

    Alexandre Costa Newbie


      first let me say that i'm a total beginner with Seam and JSF.

      Anyway, i'm having a problem in a project that i'm involved with.
      I have this code on the page:

      <h:outputLabel for="cb_add">Inserir:</h:outputLabel>
      <h:selectOneMenu id="cb_add">
           <s:selectItems var="addDefName" value="#{gestDocuments.addDefNames}" label="#{addDefName}" />
      <h:commandButton id="bt_add" action="#{gestDocuments.add}" value="Inserir" />

      On my component (It's a simple Java Bean) i have:

      public class GestaoDocumentsWS{
      private List<String> addDefNames;
      @DataModelSelection(value = "addDefNames")
      private String addDefName;

      The problem is that whenever i click the button, i want to get the String that was selected on the combobox and now  it's always giving me the first item on the List.

      What am i doing wrong?

      Thank you