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    what is validation.failed

    Dean Hiller Expert

      In the seam booking example, I see the following lines of code

          <page view-id="/example/register.xhtml">
              <action if="#{validation.failed}"
                  <rule if="#{register.registered}">
                      <redirect view-id="/example/home.xhtml"/>

      for the most part, this makes since except for the validation.failed piece.  I can't find this validation component anywhere, and when I open up the Seam debug panel, the only thing that comes close is the org.jboss...etc. etc which is a different name for a component unless their are aliases and if there are, it should really be shown in the debug page.

      Also, what would be the main point to put a breakpoint on in seam to step through the code better.  ie. I want to see how it is making it's decisions with the page logic.  Which class and method would this be just to give me a starting point.  It doesn't seem to be using my recent pages entry and I can't figure it out and this also helps when you have a spelling error, you step through it and discover the spelling error faster.