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    alias for css files and xhtml files?

    Dean Hiller Expert

      Is there a way to do this....

      alias name=register.xhtml 
      alias name=file.css file=/cs/common.cs
      js files as well, etc. etc.

      ps. code block took care of some of my errors but not all so the above was supposed to be in xml.

      and then everywhere, in pages.xml, in .java files, and in xhtml file as well, I can just use the alias so when it comes time and I happen to move one single file like the css or something, I can just change my alias list????

      this would be so nice.  As a project grows, I think many people like to start moving and organizing things and with java files, it's very simple but when it comes to xhtml, it is like you have to plan way ahead and well, we all know how that goes...you never quite get it right until you learn more.