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    Outjecting context variable from nested conversation and injecting it into parent conversation

    Veljko Vujcic Newbie


      I'm trying to use 2 components, stateful beans (ServiceA and ServiceB) which interact through seam context.

      Let's say ServiceA begun conversation on PageA. When we cross to PageB ServiceB starts nested conversation. After B's job is done I'd like to kill ServiceB and return to PageA but keep B's variables via @Out in seam (not persistence!) context so A can access them.

      The problem occurs with this approach though - when I kill B, A cannot see the variables no more (keeping B alive allows A to see them). If i outject B's variables into ScopeType.SESSION context, they are accesible to A. If i outhect them to ScopeType.CONVERSATION nothing changes.

      Is it possible to achieve the specified behaviour? To tell somehow to B's variables outject to parent conversation context?

      thanks a lot