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    Random 404 error

    mathieu le cain Newbie

      I have a random 404 error (apears on several pages at several times).

      I used to pass throw by removing the ear from the server, restart this one and republish the app to the server.

      But now, WITHOUT HAVING CHANGE ANYTHING on these pages (2 pages displays a 404 error) and on the app config and templating, I always obtain a 404 error.

      Nothing reported in the server.log.

      I seams that the s:graphicImage tag is in conflict with facelet. But why now and not before ?

      Any help ?


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          mathieu le cain Newbie


          s:graphicImage throws the 404 error when a valid (but without any file pointed) URL is passed to its parameter.

          The 404 error comes from the URL of the image and not from jbossAS.

          So when having 404 errors in a page displaying images, you sould check the file pointed by the URL before undeploy, clear caches and other big stuff....