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    Do not want this page to be part of the conversation(param tag)

    Albert Scholtz Newbie

      Hi there

      I have a main menu page with contains a s:link to a searchCustomer page. This searchCustomer page is part of a natural conversation. If a user searches for a customer on this page and selects a customer several options appear which use my natural conversation to navigate from page to page. This works 110%. I can even come back to the searchCustomer page while i'm in a natural conversation and start a new conversation with a new customer and switch between conversations.

      My problem is that the first time a navigate to the searchCustomer page i do not want this page to start a conversation. Here is my pages.xml:

      <page view-id="/customer/searchCustomer.xhtml" login-required="true" conversation="1contactConversation" conversation-required="false">
                      <navigation from-action="#{contactManager.startServicingContact(contact)}">
                              <begin-conversation join="true"/>
                              <redirect view-id="/account/account.xhtml">
                                      <param name="contactId" value="#{contact.nameDetails.idNumber}"/>
                      <description>ContactId: #{contact.nameDetails.idNumber}</description>
                      <param name="contactId" value="#{contact.nameDetails.idNumber}" required="false" />

      when i first navigate to my searchCustomer page the url is as follows:

      http://localhost:8080/affinity/customer/searchCustomer.seam?contactId with an equals sign at the end but with no contactId number, which is correct because i am not in a conversation. I also thought that the contactId part at the end of the URL is because of the param tag, but i can't remove it as this breaks my page when i navigate later on.

      Any help will be appreciated
      Albert Scholtz