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    components.xml configuring a simple type component

    gonzalad Apprentice


      I want to configure the default pageSize (type integer) for all dataTable in components.xml.

      Can I configure a simple type (type int or java.lang.Integer) in components.xml or are components just restricted to be full javabeans ?

      For the moment, I must create a javabean wrapper and configure it via :

      <component name="pageSettings" class="org.test.web.util.PageSettings" auto-create="true" scope="application">
        <property name="pageSize">10</property>

      I use it in my Action class :

      private int pageSize; 

      Is there a way to have something like this ?

      <component name="pageSettings" class="java.lang.Integer" auto-create="true" scope="application">

      Thank you !