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    mathieu fabre Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      I'm new in JBoss seam and i try to work with web remote.

      I have a java bean (in session) named MyClass with a remote method getResult that return a string :

      public MyClass {
        ...some attributes..
        public String getResult() {
          return result;

      I put the tag

      <s:remote include="myClass"/>

      in my page (page.xhtml)

      I can see in the generated page that seam has inserted the line for the script remote.js and interface.js

      But, if i try to view the js file i obtain the message :

      The resource is not available

      In my javascript, if I try to invoke Seam.Component..., it is not recognise :(

      I think i forgot to do something but i don't know what..

      Thanks for your help,