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    Page action not invoked. No errors reported

    Raj Tiwari Newbie

      I have a RESTful request scenario where I need to do some processing based on request parameters and then direct users to their home page. The processing is done in a SLSB

      The way I am doing this is creating a page bogus.xhtml. A request comes in for http://server:8080/MyApp/bugus.seam?param=value. I want this request to be processed by my SLSB and then redirect either to the home page or an error page as the case may be. The entry in pages.xml looks like this:

          <page view-id="/bogus.xhtml" action="#(MySLSB.verifyParams)">
                    <rule if-outcome="success">
                         <redirect view-id="/home.xhtml"/>

      When I debug my application in Eclipse and set a breakpoint in the verifyParams() method of my SLSB, I never see that method getting invoked. There are no errors either in my JBoss console or server.log file.

      The verifyParams() method returns a string which says success or failure.