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    Datatable time out issue

    kavi arasu Newbie

      Hi im using datatable to display the values dynamically..
      when the users fill the rows of data and insert immedietly the values are inserting , but when the keep page ideal for some time and insert the values are returning as null.
      I have a pasted sample of my JSF and Bean class.

      JSF page

      <rich:dataTable  value="#{states}"  id="dt" var="f1" style=" width : 100%">
      <rich:column style=" width : 10%;">
      <h:inputText   value="#{f1.region}" />
      <rich:column style=" width : 10%;">
      <h:inputText   value="#{f1.stateName}" />
      <rich:column style=" width : 13%;">
      <h:selectOneMenu value="#{addCity[f1]}">
      <f:selectItems value="#{stateItem}" />

      Bean Class

      public class TestAction implements Test,Serializable
           private EntityManager em;
           List <TblStatesCapital> states;
      @Out(required=false,scope = SESSION)
           Map<TblStatesCapital, String> addCity;

      After i submit immedietly the values are hitting my bean but after some times the values are coming null

      Thanks and regards