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    Struts2 web application accessing seam session beans

    Marius Oancea Novice

      I have a Struts2 application that make a call to a Seam sesion bean.

      1. Struts2 application is a plain web application deployed on jboss.

      2. Seam application is an ear deployed on the same jboss.

      After I call the EJB i get an Entity and when I try to navigate on its relations (e.g. getChildren()) i get LazyInitializationException.

      What is the best idea to solve this?

      Should I make a JNDI lookup of PersistenceUnit in an interceptor or in a filter to create something like OpenSessionInView in my struts2 application?
      Any link pointing me near to a solution will be very appreciated.

      Note: Struts application already uses HibernateTransactionManager in which sessionFactory is injected by spring.

      Transactions are provided by spring AOP.

      Please help.

      Thank you.